Milford Republican Committee                                         Milford, New Hampshire


MRC Chair Mark Biggie

State & Fed Officials:

State Senator - 
Gary Daniels (R)
District 40 Rep. - 
Keith Ammon (R)
District 23 Rep. - 
Barbara Biggie (R)
Rep. - 
Bill Goulette (R)
Rep. - 
Carolyn Halstead (R)
Rep. - 
Shawn P Sweeney (R)

County Commissioner
Dist 3

Carol Holden (R)
Executive Cmt Dist 5
Dave Wheeler (R)
County Attorney
Dennis Hogan (R)

US Senators -
Kelly Ayotte
Jeanne Shaheen (D)
US Congress -
Frank Guinta
 (R) Dist 1
Ann Kuster (D) Dist 2

Welcome to the Milford 
Republican Committee Website

Contact Us:

"This website presents information from the Milford GOP. We welcome all visitors and invite you to join us. Save our website link in your browser and visit our other social media locations on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for stopping by."

Primary Day in NH -
Tues Feb 9th

Video Of The Week - Jan 28th GOP Debates - Iowa

Main - Full Undercard Part 1 Undercard Part 2

Upcoming events

27-Feb-2016 9:00 AM (EST) • Chapanga's Elm street Milford

Blog posts

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Check it out

Videos are being updated often with timely interviews - click "Pics & Vids" page.

State of The Union Address - Followed by Repub Address - Nikki Haley

Click here for Watch Information

US & World Debt clocks.
Lots of data on this link...

Remembering Who Our Friends Are... Israel's memorial to 9/11....  This is Israel.pdf

RNC @GOP Sept 8th 2015

Launched "In Focus: The Republican Field" digital short series.  Click to watch! 

Tough keeping track of candidate events?
has created a candidate calendar that lets you see all announced candidate events. Be sure to scroll down to see all options:

"Events" information contains candidate event information as well as Milford Repub Committee's planned events.

"Pics & Vids" page has candidate pics as well as local event and town photos. 

We've added 2016 Republican candidate info on the "2016" page... links to their websites, Wiki bio page, and candidate's NH contact people. 

Also, check our "Activism" page. We've supplied you with media contact info as well as links to GOP groups and committees in NH, and Political Action Committees. 

Interested in Fed budget & mounting debt... check this site: Concord Coalition

Please Note...

The Milford Republican Town Committee does not endorse specific Republican candidates. We present information as available for the use of our voters.

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